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Earth to………………………….. Everyone

Earth to………………………….. Everyone

So how do you look at it ?  Is the proverbial cup ….half full….or half empty ?

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Fear… the Oxford Dictionary definition is: An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat:

To say the least. Fear, is a weapon. Possibly the oldest, most powerful weapon ever discovered. And no…. man didn’t invent it.
With the advent of the internet, yes, man did invent that….the use of fear has become a whole new animal all in itself. And the beast has been loosed.  There is no putting the genie back into the bottle.  Remember that for every bad action, an equal and opposite good action is created.  We are at the brink of eternity.  We have so very much available to us.

What do we choose ?


What do we choose ?


There is time.  There is always time.  Even when you and I are gone there is time.  It’s not the amount of time that is available; rather, what the time given is used for.  Choice …. it always comes down to choice.  No matter…. what….. we always have a choice.  Even if that choice is wrong, even if that choice is right, even if we choose not to choose:  we still have made a choice.


Fears.  they are everywhere.  What are you afraid of ?  Spiders ?  Snakes ?  Cockroaches ?  The dark ?  Meeting new people ?  The list is endless.  Literally endless.  Some of our fears are based on fact.  Some of our fears are based on images that we have in our minds.  Fear ………..  whether based on fact or fiction makes no matter.  It still works.   Motivational ?  Absolutely.

Fear is extremely proficient in moving prey into directions that they might not normally choose.

How about more subtle uses ?

We use, confuse, and totally abuse fear.  We do.  We always have.  Fight or Flight.  Apparently it is a part of our genetic makeup.

So….. what to do ?   What to do ?

The heart begins to increase in beats per minute.

The iris’ widen or contract.

Muscles begin to constrict.

Stop.  We have all had these same behaviors before.  Stop.

Harness the increase.  For every bad action taken an equal and opposite good reaction is created.  Always – Every Time – Forever

The absolute worst crime that I have committed in my lifetime is the “waste” of time.  Never let any “one” , or any “thing” stand between you and doing what is right.  Use every moment.  Use every available asset.  Use every single particle within your being for doing the right thing.  Always – Every Time – Forever – No Matter What.  Got it ?  Get it ? Good.




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