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The Grouchy Old man

Tired of waiting around?
Tired of watching the same scenario repeat itself?
Tired of seeing the world pass you by?

Sounds like either a late night commercial, or some sci-fi thriller……

Life is quite interesting.

Life 101:10394499_722438051147807_3639875376983850096_n
First; we’re too young to understand.
Next; we are too busy to be bothered.
And finally; we are too old to do anything but gripe.







I have become the grouchy old man. Pain, disappointment, wasted time, etc…… in other words life.I don’t think I’ve always been the grouchy old man. I hope I haven’t always been the grouchy old man.

So, I believe the quest is to find out when exactly I became the grouchy old man.


to be continued………………….soon

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Posted by on June 15, 2015 in Random Thoughts


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