Back to the basics

Just putting some thoughts to paper. errrrrrr, zero’s and one’s. Why is it that when there is already law dealing with discrimination…. that we make new laws dealing with discrimination. Because when we do that we must then create jobs to monitor those special interest anti-discrimination laws. And the government must then raise taxes to pay for the representatives who have their staff, supporters and someone has to pay for all of those think-tanks and polls…….. ad nauseam.

And once those jobs are created, because they are federal and state jobs…. they are almost self-perpetuating. Why do we time after time think this is the best solution to some problem? If it is against the law to discriminate in the first place, why aren’t we then filing discrimination charges against the people who are committing these acts? And yes, it is this easy. It’s politicians and lobbyists that tell you it can’t be done.

It starts getting to the point that people are almost forced to invent data to prove that their position is still viable. Because if you aren’t showing results then you will not get good reviews. You won’t get fired. It’s extremely difficult to fire state and federal employees. But you may get “moved” around a lot.

If people aren’t willing to stand up for what is correct then we are doomed to just repeating our failures. It’s time to stop doing that. it’s time to get rid of the too big to fail. It’s time to stop “creating” jobs. Maybe if we just started helping each other a bit more, every day… we wouldn’t need to have committees, forums, polls, and entire government organizations trying to divide and conquer. Never mind the consequences, it’s the win that matters. Have we truly become so very shallow?

have we always been this shallow?

All too often we will choose “style” over “substance”, and in doing so we waste our very sustenance.

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Welcome to the Digital Age



Welcome to the Digital Age.


At 59 years of age I have witnessed things that dreams are made of. When I was going to high school I would go home after school and watch Star Trek.

Science Fiction at the time, but there are many things that have come to pass. And in some cases have surpassed even the dreams of those days. The USB flash drive that we take for granted now is a good example. So, now we are in the digital age. Basic laws of physics: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Just summarizing to get some thought together.
1. You log onto Facebook. Everything appears normal. There are those times when it seems that the postings are just a bit behind. Never more than a day or two though. And, then it would catch back up. So of course as every naive or overly confident idiot would do…… I just flushed it aside and didn’t give it another thought. Until…….


What if?

Would anyone even have the wherewith all to know what happens when you click “enter” while posting on Facebook? Welcome to the digital age where everything is instantaneous, and everything is routable. It’s not like analog, in digital you can transform data in real-time. Nobody even wants to ask these questions, because nobody wants to think of the possibilities.





Welcome to the Digital Age


another thought: If I am just thinking of this then others have already thought and acted upon these very ideas. Nobody reads the EULA’s. Is what you expect (believe) to be happening….. really happening? Look, by the governments own admission nobody has a right to expect that anything transmitted over the internet is secure. Does anybody “re” route? Coding is important. At this point in the evolution of man coding and digital manipulation is more important than anything else. Knowledge is power, but only if you can use that knowledge.  Learn to Code. Learn to Manipulate. Learn to Mold. Learn to Shape. Learn to Transform. Learn to Code.


Welcome to the Digital Age

HTML web code


Welcome to the Digital Age

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When it is all said and done….

Colonize Mars?


Understanding the meaning of those words. Yes, we can. We have the technology to “colonize” Mars. I’m using Mars but actually it could be any planet. Now, you do realize that this means that Earth is being given up on. I mean let’s not start with any misconceptions.

Facts, not fiction. With sperm and egg banks and with the advances in DNA research we can now literally manufacture people. Down to their eye color. Their race, their propensity for violence and quite a few other useful characteristics.

So great we can “survive”. But what is it that will survive? This is not just a whimsical question. The newly constructed humans will have to be taught. They will lack all of the things that we take for granted on a daily basis. Every single aspect and interaction that they will have is planned. They won’t have the internet. They won’t have the television. Everything that they will learn and have access to will be censored.



We will be …… and this is for all of the romantics: “Starting Over”

So, here’s the deal. If you got to choose how we would be “re-born”, what would you choose to “make” them? They will not know the difference. There is no learning curve. There is no misunderstanding. Everything all neat and tidy.

We’ve already opened the box, so there is no going back.


There are laws that at least for the moment are indisputable. Isaac Newton told us, and it hasn’t changed. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” Newton said.

Humans have a choice.

Nobody has to try to subjugate anyone any longer. Whatever class of “person” you need. Whatever color you desire. Whatever I.Q. you want, or don’t want them to have. It’s just numbers. 0’s, and 1’s.  We “the people” are just an expendable asset. Follow the preset path. Don’t question. Don’t even stray.

Follow the Preset Path

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, if enough people believe that it makes a difference what we actually do… Just think of the possibilities.

Be the Change

Make a Difference

What If?

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Earth to………………………….. Everyone

Earth to………………………….. Everyone

So how do you look at it ?  Is the proverbial cup ….half full….or half empty ?

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There is only one race: The Human Race

One RaceHumans as a species are quite the odd lot.

We get our worth, our “standing” from others.

Until we are willing to put in the effort ourselves to make real change,
until we are willing to look in the mirror and realize
that there is only one race:
The Human Race…………
we will continue to allow people
to put us in a class,,, because of skin color.
Who is it who decided that a color changes one’s race ?
Why does anyone continue to live that lie ?
No matter what color you may be, you…. are human.
One race, one agenda                    – to live-…….Together!!! onerace
There is only one race, the Human Race.
Make them tell the truth. Make them stop the lies.
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Fear… the Oxford Dictionary definition is: An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat:

To say the least. Fear, is a weapon. Possibly the oldest, most powerful weapon ever discovered. And no…. man didn’t invent it.
With the advent of the internet, yes, man did invent that….the use of fear has become a whole new animal all in itself. And the beast has been loosed.  There is no putting the genie back into the bottle.  Remember that for every bad action, an equal and opposite good action is created.  We are at the brink of eternity.  We have so very much available to us.

What do we choose ?


What do we choose ?


There is time.  There is always time.  Even when you and I are gone there is time.  It’s not the amount of time that is available; rather, what the time given is used for.  Choice …. it always comes down to choice.  No matter…. what….. we always have a choice.  Even if that choice is wrong, even if that choice is right, even if we choose not to choose:  we still have made a choice.


Fears.  they are everywhere.  What are you afraid of ?  Spiders ?  Snakes ?  Cockroaches ?  The dark ?  Meeting new people ?  The list is endless.  Literally endless.  Some of our fears are based on fact.  Some of our fears are based on images that we have in our minds.  Fear ………..  whether based on fact or fiction makes no matter.  It still works.   Motivational ?  Absolutely.

Fear is extremely proficient in moving prey into directions that they might not normally choose.

How about more subtle uses ?

We use, confuse, and totally abuse fear.  We do.  We always have.  Fight or Flight.  Apparently it is a part of our genetic makeup.

So….. what to do ?   What to do ?

The heart begins to increase in beats per minute.

The iris’ widen or contract.

Muscles begin to constrict.

Stop.  We have all had these same behaviors before.  Stop.

Harness the increase.  For every bad action taken an equal and opposite good reaction is created.  Always – Every Time – Forever

The absolute worst crime that I have committed in my lifetime is the “waste” of time.  Never let any “one” , or any “thing” stand between you and doing what is right.  Use every moment.  Use every available asset.  Use every single particle within your being for doing the right thing.  Always – Every Time – Forever – No Matter What.  Got it ?  Get it ? Good.




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As the time drifts away…

As the time drifts away
When things should start to
become more clear
Sometimes it seems
that the waters just get muddier
Times long gone
only a dream …….
when waters flowed and
I drank from the stream
concrete pastures like scabs
that just don’t heal
a cancerous growth has
been set in seal


I took the hand of the child and we walked
she had but one question
When is it that we begin to heal ?
and I told her it would be when
we begin to care again


she looked at me
and asked why I haven’t done anything ?
as one single tear slowly fell
I told her it was because I am scared

well then they’ve won haven’t they ?

she said

she said

she said

I picked her up
held her close, felt the calm, felt the rest
I raised my voice and screamed with all my might…….

I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore


and she smiled.

Imagine the possibilities

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