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omg, here we go again

o.k. so I’m thinking about my life. Not deep or anything, just thinking about the time and such. And then it hit me. I really am thankful for the period in time with which I am residing. None of it was my doing. Apparently none of it was anyone’s doing. I was not a planned endeavor. So I was born and raised in a time, place, and period where we didn’t lock our doors. As kids we rode our bicycles …….. everywhere. There was a river, there was a creek, there was an old man that lived with a butler in the house at the end of the street. His lot took up eight normal lots. We used to go there. It was the “Place”. I’m not sure if that was the gents real name but that is what we called him. We played football there, we played spin the bottle under the shade and cover of a huge pine tree, we used to go to the river and go into the drainage system. Where it emptied out was a concrete duct about 4-6 ft. in diameter. There were many offshoots from the main pipe. All of them smaller. We knew our neighbors. We knew all of our neighbors. Except Mr. Place and his butler. Nobody knew them.

I’ll continue that, but I want to say thank you for my life. And I want to say that I’m sorry I haven’t realized up until quite recently…… that how we live, especially what we pay attention to really does make a difference.

So, fast forward……….. life is not yesterday. It is what it is. Lots of mileage between the then and now. We have opened so very many genie’s and compromised on everything else that I fear for our very existence. There was a time where we cared for other people. There was a time when it meant more to be “that guy”, (yeah, if you came here looking for PC you are already disappointed.) than anything. this isn’t nostalgia, or romanticism this is character, morals. This is standing up for what is correct. When was it that we got sidetracked?

well, lots of different thoughts there. Listening to a new (to me) group. Headstones – the album: Love + Fury. Hard driven Canadian band. Gets the juices flowing just a bit eh? Sometimes it just feels like…….. there has to be more. Sometimes reading between the lines and listening to the calm still voice gets to be difficult amidst all the noise surrounding us. That and of course herbage. Sometimes the only thing we are supposed to do with something is to give it away.

o.k. be back later bye

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Five Generations of….

I lived through the sixties and the seventies. I hear the catch phrase, This is because of five generations of pent up hostility coming out. No, it’s not. These are teen to twenty somethings. They weren’t even born.

There are those who want immediate repayment (plus) for everything that has happened. That isn’t possible. But, until we are willing to take the time to truly acknowledge the the root of the problem.

We have grown as a nation over the past 50 years. We have grown together. There are, have been, and always will be …. people who for whatever reason hate. We will never stop that. But, we can teach better. We can stop reliving our past through our children and grandchildren.
It becomes a perpetual force that we haven’t gotten a handle on.
We, as humans have a difficult time sharing and forgiving. It’s how we are hard wired. If we want to see a change in others, we must become that change. If others can’t see the change in real time…. then for them it doesn’t exist.

Maybe instead of walking with the protesters, the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc…… what if they walked in front of the police officers toward the protesters. If they took that leap of faith, it would demonstrate two very needed ideas.

The first is that they want to show that they have confidence in the police department and are willing to stand with them.
The second is that they want to show that they have confidence in the people of the city and are willing to stand between them to help bridge the gap.

We need people to stand up and speak the truth. We don’t need people who were never able to forgive for what happened in the past. Forgiveness is difficult. It’s not in our nature to do that. It hurts. And, it is the most necessary thing that we can do.

to be continued……………………………………..

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Apparently, I lack the skills to understand. I don’t agree with the inference that people are “born” gay.

Scientifically, it doesn’t make sense to me. Why would nature (evolution) choose to evolve a species that doesn’t propagate itself, except through artificial means? Aren’t you really glad that nature (evolution) did in fact have the common sense to start this entire process with Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. Otherwise………. there wouldn’t be anyone to read this.

It’s quite interesting. If you use Google to search for “what is the science behind being born gay”.

You get things like:

scientists might have found, seemed to be correlated, point to a, and there are countless examples like this; all are quite vague, all are non-conclusive. But you have the proponents of making everyone the same using these theories as true facts, when in truth the conclusive statements from science are: the study also did not identify a single gene which was the direct cause of homosexuality. and: a variety of factors – including genetics, upbringing and environment play a part in developing sexual orientation, which is complex and emerges over time.

Emerges over time. Really? You mean like after people have indoctrinated them into believing that they were born gay? I just don’t get it? Why does anyone need an excuse? If you are gay, then so be it. But, you don’t get anything extra. Stop looking for an excuse for your choice, be responsible and live your life.


I’m not trying to be mean or crude but come on….. Don’t tell me lies. It’s a choice. It has always been a choice. We make choices every day. Some of our choices are good, and some of our choices are bad. Sometimes we “choose” something simply because it is convenient. Then there are times we make choices out of research, and well thought out examination of the facts. Sometimes we make choices because to choose otherwise would cause pain, suffering or heartache. Sometimes we make choices and then change our minds. I understand the government wanting to re-write History. If everyone is the same it’s much easier to “manage” the herd.

Sometimes we make choices simply because we are scared.

It seems that in the last decade or so we have stopped requiring people to be responsible for their actions.

Again, choices.

I’ve made some very bad choices in my life. But I take responsibility for my life. I can’t go back and change things that I have done. God knows, I would love to do that. But, then reality kicks in I accept what I have done and I learn from those life moments.

Again, choices.

Whatever happened to:





*************************************************************just some thoughts……………………………………………………….


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Back to the basics

Just putting some thoughts to paper. errrrrrr, zero’s and one’s. Why is it that when there is already law dealing with discrimination…. that we make new laws dealing with discrimination. Because when we do that we must then create jobs to monitor those special interest anti-discrimination laws. And the government must then raise taxes to pay for the representatives who have their staff, supporters and someone has to pay for all of those think-tanks and polls…….. ad nauseam.

And once those jobs are created, because they are federal and state jobs…. they are almost self-perpetuating. Why do we time after time think this is the best solution to some problem? If it is against the law to discriminate in the first place, why aren’t we then filing discrimination charges against the people who are committing these acts? And yes, it is this easy. It’s politicians and lobbyists that tell you it can’t be done.

It starts getting to the point that people are almost forced to invent data to prove that their position is still viable. Because if you aren’t showing results then you will not get good reviews. You won’t get fired. It’s extremely difficult to fire state and federal employees. But you may get “moved” around a lot.

If people aren’t willing to stand up for what is correct then we are doomed to just repeating our failures. It’s time to stop doing that. it’s time to get rid of the too big to fail. It’s time to stop “creating” jobs. Maybe if we just started helping each other a bit more, every day… we wouldn’t need to have committees, forums, polls, and entire government organizations trying to divide and conquer. Never mind the consequences, it’s the win that matters. Have we truly become so very shallow?

have we always been this shallow?

All too often we will choose “style” over “substance”, and in doing so we waste our very sustenance.

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There is only one race: The Human Race

One RaceHumans as a species are quite the odd lot.

We get our worth, our “standing” from others.

Until we are willing to put in the effort ourselves to make real change,
until we are willing to look in the mirror and realize
that there is only one race:
The Human Race…………
we will continue to allow people
to put us in a class,,, because of skin color.
Who is it who decided that a color changes one’s race ?
Why does anyone continue to live that lie ?
No matter what color you may be, you…. are human.
One race, one agenda                    – to live-…….Together!!! onerace
There is only one race, the Human Race.
Make them tell the truth. Make them stop the lies.
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more thoughts…………

I truly believe that we have become soft. And afraid. (edit… to the point that until this very moment 07/23/2014 11:30am, I couldn’t even type in my true thoughts; so another realization, and another challenge) And managed. We are constantly told what is o.k. to talk about, and what words we are allowed to use when we talk. To the point that we no longer speak. Not relevant conversations anyways. We don’t talk about subjects because we will be called “racists”, or “out of touch”….. But, it isn’t being racist, or out of touch if what we are saying is true. I don’t care what color you are….. if you are an asshole you are still an asshole if you happen to be Asian, or Black, or White, or Hispanic, or Jewish, or Greek, or Gay, or whatever the flavor of the month happens to be. So yes, I admit it….. I am prejudiced. If you are an asshole, and you lie…. then no matter whatever else you happen to be; you are still a liar, and an asshole. Our country used to be a place where you knew who your neighbor was. No, you didn’t just know who your neighbor was, you knew your neighbors. You knew all of your neighbors. But now,,, we put bars on our windows and doors and we lock ourselves in to keep out ………… (to be continued)

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Balance of Power

It is increasingly alarming to see agencies/people in a position of power to continue to “choose” to disobey the laws, and the Constitution of the United States. Combined with narcissism, a tendency to lie, cover-up or mislead,

But to be honest, I think an even more disturbing aspect in all of this is the fact that you, and I ……. don’t do anything about it. We watch it happen right in front of us and we do nothing. This is how a nation crumbles. One tiny pebble at a time, until it only takes that last little pebble to bring down the whole pile.

How many pebbles have been removed already ? How many do we have left ? This is actually scary stuff when we have government agencies that just “choose” to do what they want, even though we have laws preventing that. And it isn’t like any of the agencies came forward on their own and said: look, we made a terrible choice and we are letting everyone know, and this is what we are doing now to ensure that it won’t ever happen again.

Nope, not the way it happens.

This has been going on for quite a while now. (as in generations)….
What are you going to do when some real crackpot, there have been many throughout history…… decides that he/she doesn’t want to give up that power ?

Why are the standards for politicians set so very low ?
If you lied to get your job what would happen when the truth came out?
If you lied repeatedly at work …. what would happen ?
and yet,,,, this is exactly what happens.

on a daily basis.

I don’t know if we can fix this. We may be so mired in the machine now that there is no graceful way to back out. I do know that no matter what anyone says, or how someone tries to justify things…. in the end…. if we have become too lazy, or too scared to stand……. we will fall.

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