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I’m dazed, but I think some are quite confused

It seems as though some are confusing …..

having the same opportunity,

with meaning

that you automatically get the job/loan/offer/raise/part/audition/etc

. That isn’t what that means. It simply means that you get the opportunity,

the chance.

But that’s it, after that I would hope that in this day and age whoever is chosen; is chosen for their unique abilities, and qualifications.

Isn’t that what this is all about in the first place?

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Legal Disclaimer

Fae Legal Disclaimer




I don’t know if anyone actually reads this gibberish, and don’t know why anyone would: having said that here is my legal disclaimer.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

I post what i happen to be thinking of at the moment. It might be an idea, it might be current trends, it might be pure gibberish. Some of it is meant to prod the senses, hopefully some of it will actually edify someone, if only myself. It’s not PC, so if you have to have everything spoon-fed to you….. then you might not want to venture any further. This is not for the faint of heart people. This is real,,,,,, I mean NOT-real stuff, gibberish. Alright. So, just get over it, I have.


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Did I miss something here ? (sketch for short animation film)

yes, I know…. I’ll try to write it better.  I had to get the thought down before the thought police detect it and I would have lost the thought forever.  It seems  like they are getting stronger now.  Sometimes I can actually feel the implant working as the thought disappears………


digital media:  censorship made easy

Book burning is so passe’ ….   and it was really quite difficult, and messy.  Now with the internet of all things it is so much easier.




Interesting thought occurred to me: I thought that in the United States of America it was the people; every person ……  that was free, and the government was held in check by; “we the people”. Then how is it that the government does whatever it wants, and the people are held in check ? I think I missed something here……… It didn’t used to be this way. It was never intended to be this way. The type of government that holds its citizens in check with fear mongering and lies…….. and worse; is what we as a nation are supposed to be standing “against”.

There are and have been many different governments who take it upon themselves to be the “supreme” ruler, dictator, King, etc. Throughout history you can read about them. Have we now sunk so low as a nation of people that we have allowed this to happen here in the United States ?

The government and people in power use every single resource possible to deter people from disagreeing with them. They will call you a racist. They will say that you are a right-wing Christian nut, They will use rhetoric like: anti-gay, homophobic, anti-women, anti-Jew, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim…………. ad nausea. And you can believe that none of this is missed on ones who would want to control others.

Unfortunately Obama is one of the easiest examples: “If they would only agree with me, and pass the bill…… everything would be alright”.

Well, that’s certainly taking into account the validity of the other side. I mean it shows honest, integrity, grit and determination. How dare anyone disagree with the president of the United States. hmmmmmmph. The audacity of some of these people. They actually think that their opinion matters. We do so depend on their ignorance…..

other thoughts later.

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The Grouchy Old man

Tired of waiting around?
Tired of watching the same scenario repeat itself?
Tired of seeing the world pass you by?

Sounds like either a late night commercial, or some sci-fi thriller……

Life is quite interesting.

Life 101:10394499_722438051147807_3639875376983850096_n
First; we’re too young to understand.
Next; we are too busy to be bothered.
And finally; we are too old to do anything but gripe.







I have become the grouchy old man. Pain, disappointment, wasted time, etc…… in other words life.I don’t think I’ve always been the grouchy old man. I hope I haven’t always been the grouchy old man.

So, I believe the quest is to find out when exactly I became the grouchy old man.


to be continued………………….soon

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Welcome to the Digital Age



Welcome to the Digital Age.


At 59 years of age I have witnessed things that dreams are made of. When I was going to high school I would go home after school and watch Star Trek.

Science Fiction at the time, but there are many things that have come to pass. And in some cases have surpassed even the dreams of those days. The USB flash drive that we take for granted now is a good example. So, now we are in the digital age. Basic laws of physics: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Just summarizing to get some thought together.
1. You log onto Facebook. Everything appears normal. There are those times when it seems that the postings are just a bit behind. Never more than a day or two though. And, then it would catch back up. So of course as every naive or overly confident idiot would do…… I just flushed it aside and didn’t give it another thought. Until…….


What if?

Would anyone even have the wherewith all to know what happens when you click “enter” while posting on Facebook? Welcome to the digital age where everything is instantaneous, and everything is routable. It’s not like analog, in digital you can transform data in real-time. Nobody even wants to ask these questions, because nobody wants to think of the possibilities.





Welcome to the Digital Age


another thought: If I am just thinking of this then others have already thought and acted upon these very ideas. Nobody reads the EULA’s. Is what you expect (believe) to be happening….. really happening? Look, by the governments own admission nobody has a right to expect that anything transmitted over the internet is secure. Does anybody “re” route? Coding is important. At this point in the evolution of man coding and digital manipulation is more important than anything else. Knowledge is power, but only if you can use that knowledge.  Learn to Code. Learn to Manipulate. Learn to Mold. Learn to Shape. Learn to Transform. Learn to Code.


Welcome to the Digital Age

HTML web code


Welcome to the Digital Age

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When it is all said and done….

Colonize Mars?


Understanding the meaning of those words. Yes, we can. We have the technology to “colonize” Mars. I’m using Mars but actually it could be any planet. Now, you do realize that this means that Earth is being given up on. I mean let’s not start with any misconceptions.

Facts, not fiction. With sperm and egg banks and with the advances in DNA research we can now literally manufacture people. Down to their eye color. Their race, their propensity for violence and quite a few other useful characteristics.

So great we can “survive”. But what is it that will survive? This is not just a whimsical question. The newly constructed humans will have to be taught. They will lack all of the things that we take for granted on a daily basis. Every single aspect and interaction that they will have is planned. They won’t have the internet. They won’t have the television. Everything that they will learn and have access to will be censored.



We will be …… and this is for all of the romantics: “Starting Over”

So, here’s the deal. If you got to choose how we would be “re-born”, what would you choose to “make” them? They will not know the difference. There is no learning curve. There is no misunderstanding. Everything all neat and tidy.

We’ve already opened the box, so there is no going back.


There are laws that at least for the moment are indisputable. Isaac Newton told us, and it hasn’t changed. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” Newton said.

Humans have a choice.

Nobody has to try to subjugate anyone any longer. Whatever class of “person” you need. Whatever color you desire. Whatever I.Q. you want, or don’t want them to have. It’s just numbers. 0’s, and 1’s.  We “the people” are just an expendable asset. Follow the preset path. Don’t question. Don’t even stray.

Follow the Preset Path

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, if enough people believe that it makes a difference what we actually do… Just think of the possibilities.

Be the Change

Make a Difference

What If?

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Earth to………………………….. Everyone

Earth to………………………….. Everyone

So how do you look at it ?  Is the proverbial cup ….half full….or half empty ?

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