Breaking News…

Breaking News…

o.k. here’s the thought.

I use and have used technology for all of the wrong reasons….ohhhhh maybe 90% of the time. So, I’m thinking this isn’t good.

Instead of typing,RMP002

I’m going to use my iPod, and everyone can just see…

what a 60 year old, struggling, man…. actually looks like.

Words can not even begin to describe.

Who knows?

Maybe I’ll grow and be able to open more in person. I keep saying that the world has become a much colder place in the last twenty to thirty years….. but, what if it’s “me” who’s become cold? I think sometimes that I communicate much better with animals than I do humans. I’m hoping humanity will give me one more chance to assimilate into the norm. (yeah, that’s bullshit)

I pray that I grow, in truth and in spirit. I pray that I am finally beginning to understand. And, I will continue to pray because:


Coming soon,,,,,,,

Film @ 11


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