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I’m dazed, but I think some are quite confused

It seems as though some are confusing …..

having the same opportunity,

with meaning

that you automatically get the job/loan/offer/raise/part/audition/etc

. That isn’t what that means. It simply means that you get the opportunity,

the chance.

But that’s it, after that I would hope that in this day and age whoever is chosen; is chosen for their unique abilities, and qualifications.

Isn’t that what this is all about in the first place?

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4 Months In Thought

O.K. a disclaimer in advance: This recording was made with an iPod so please be very careful if you are listening through headphones.

Everything from song ideas, thoughts, musings, encouragement, fear, sounds in the night, nature, etc. During my 4 months in the woods I would use my iPod to record my thoughts.

So, if you dare let’s take a stroll through my brain for the next three hours shall we?

There are pictures, music (original), and other stuff added. It’s pretty interesting how the recordings ended up in the order they are in. On my iPod the recordings were sorted by the date; newest to oldest. When I transferred them to my computer they were sorted alphabetically. So, I left them there believing that this was fate and the order will remain …out-of-order.

I was going to post these on my other blog: Random Thoughts. I was going to type up the individual recordings. Until I realized that would probably take me about 34.2 years to type, and besides… they do belong here because if I had not been homeless these thoughts would never have come about.

Beware: Enter @ Your Own Risk: 3.5Hrs of….

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