omg, here we go again

01 Jun

o.k. so I’m thinking about my life. Not deep or anything, just thinking about the time and such. And then it hit me. I really am thankful for the period in time with which I am residing. None of it was my doing. Apparently none of it was anyone’s doing. I was not a planned endeavor. So I was born and raised in a time, place, and period where we didn’t lock our doors. As kids we rode our bicycles …….. everywhere. There was a river, there was a creek, there was an old man that lived with a butler in the house at the end of the street. His lot took up eight normal lots. We used to go there. It was the “Place”. I’m not sure if that was the gents real name but that is what we called him. We played football there, we played spin the bottle under the shade and cover of a huge pine tree, we used to go to the river and go into the drainage system. Where it emptied out was a concrete duct about 4-6 ft. in diameter. There were many offshoots from the main pipe. All of them smaller. We knew our neighbors. We knew all of our neighbors. Except Mr. Place and his butler. Nobody knew them.

I’ll continue that, but I want to say thank you for my life. And I want to say that I’m sorry I haven’t realized up until quite recently…… that how we live, especially what we pay attention to really does make a difference.

So, fast forward……….. life is not yesterday. It is what it is. Lots of mileage between the then and now. We have opened so very many genie’s and compromised on everything else that I fear for our very existence. There was a time where we cared for other people. There was a time when it meant more to be “that guy”, (yeah, if you came here looking for PC you are already disappointed.) than anything. this isn’t nostalgia, or romanticism this is character, morals. This is standing up for what is correct. When was it that we got sidetracked?

well, lots of different thoughts there. Listening to a new (to me) group. Headstones – the album: Love + Fury. Hard driven Canadian band. Gets the juices flowing just a bit eh? Sometimes it just feels like…….. there has to be more. Sometimes reading between the lines and listening to the calm still voice gets to be difficult amidst all the noise surrounding us. That and of course herbage. Sometimes the only thing we are supposed to do with something is to give it away.

o.k. be back later bye

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