Five Generations of….

01 Jun

I lived through the sixties and the seventies. I hear the catch phrase, This is because of five generations of pent up hostility coming out. No, it’s not. These are teen to twenty somethings. They weren’t even born.

There are those who want immediate repayment (plus) for everything that has happened. That isn’t possible. But, until we are willing to take the time to truly acknowledge the the root of the problem.

We have grown as a nation over the past 50 years. We have grown together. There are, have been, and always will be …. people who for whatever reason hate. We will never stop that. But, we can teach better. We can stop reliving our past through our children and grandchildren.
It becomes a perpetual force that we haven’t gotten a handle on.
We, as humans have a difficult time sharing and forgiving. It’s how we are hard wired. If we want to see a change in others, we must become that change. If others can’t see the change in real time…. then for them it doesn’t exist.

Maybe instead of walking with the protesters, the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc…… what if they walked in front of the police officers toward the protesters. If they took that leap of faith, it would demonstrate two very needed ideas.

The first is that they want to show that they have confidence in the police department and are willing to stand with them.
The second is that they want to show that they have confidence in the people of the city and are willing to stand between them to help bridge the gap.

We need people to stand up and speak the truth. We don’t need people who were never able to forgive for what happened in the past. Forgiveness is difficult. It’s not in our nature to do that. It hurts. And, it is the most necessary thing that we can do.

to be continued……………………………………..

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