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Apparently, I lack the skills to understand. I don’t agree with the inference that people are “born” gay.

Scientifically, it doesn’t make sense to me. Why would nature (evolution) choose to evolve a species that doesn’t propagate itself, except through artificial means? Aren’t you really glad that nature (evolution) did in fact have the common sense to start this entire process with Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. Otherwise………. there wouldn’t be anyone to read this.

It’s quite interesting. If you use Google to search for “what is the science behind being born gay”.

You get things like:

scientists might have found, seemed to be correlated, point to a, and there are countless examples like this; all are quite vague, all are non-conclusive. But you have the proponents of making everyone the same using these theories as true facts, when in truth the conclusive statements from science are: the study also did not identify a single gene which was the direct cause of homosexuality. and: a variety of factors – including genetics, upbringing and environment play a part in developing sexual orientation, which is complex and emerges over time.

Emerges over time. Really? You mean like after people have indoctrinated them into believing that they were born gay? I just don’t get it? Why does anyone need an excuse? If you are gay, then so be it. But, you don’t get anything extra. Stop looking for an excuse for your choice, be responsible and live your life.


I’m not trying to be mean or crude but come on….. Don’t tell me lies. It’s a choice. It has always been a choice. We make choices every day. Some of our choices are good, and some of our choices are bad. Sometimes we “choose” something simply because it is convenient. Then there are times we make choices out of research, and well thought out examination of the facts. Sometimes we make choices because to choose otherwise would cause pain, suffering or heartache. Sometimes we make choices and then change our minds. I understand the government wanting to re-write History. If everyone is the same it’s much easier to “manage” the herd.

Sometimes we make choices simply because we are scared.

It seems that in the last decade or so we have stopped requiring people to be responsible for their actions.

Again, choices.

I’ve made some very bad choices in my life. But I take responsibility for my life. I can’t go back and change things that I have done. God knows, I would love to do that. But, then reality kicks in I accept what I have done and I learn from those life moments.

Again, choices.

Whatever happened to:





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