Welcome to the Digital Age

13 Apr



Welcome to the Digital Age.


At 59 years of age I have witnessed things that dreams are made of. When I was going to high school I would go home after school and watch Star Trek.

Science Fiction at the time, but there are many things that have come to pass. And in some cases have surpassed even the dreams of those days. The USB flash drive that we take for granted now is a good example. So, now we are in the digital age. Basic laws of physics: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Just summarizing to get some thought together.
1. You log onto Facebook. Everything appears normal. There are those times when it seems that the postings are just a bit behind. Never more than a day or two though. And, then it would catch back up. So of course as every naive or overly confident idiot would do…… I just flushed it aside and didn’t give it another thought. Until…….


What if?

Would anyone even have the wherewith all to know what happens when you click “enter” while posting on Facebook? Welcome to the digital age where everything is instantaneous, and everything is routable. It’s not like analog, in digital you can transform data in real-time. Nobody even wants to ask these questions, because nobody wants to think of the possibilities.





Welcome to the Digital Age


another thought: If I am just thinking of this then others have already thought and acted upon these very ideas. Nobody reads the EULA’s. Is what you expect (believe) to be happening….. really happening? Look, by the governments own admission nobody has a right to expect that anything transmitted over the internet is secure. Does anybody “re” route? Coding is important. At this point in the evolution of man coding and digital manipulation is more important than anything else. Knowledge is power, but only if you can use that knowledge.  Learn to Code. Learn to Manipulate. Learn to Mold. Learn to Shape. Learn to Transform. Learn to Code.


Welcome to the Digital Age

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Welcome to the Digital Age

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