As the time drifts away…

31 Aug

As the time drifts away
When things should start to
become more clear
Sometimes it seems
that the waters just get muddier
Times long gone
only a dream …….
when waters flowed and
I drank from the stream
concrete pastures like scabs
that just don’t heal
a cancerous growth has
been set in seal


I took the hand of the child and we walked
she had but one question
When is it that we begin to heal ?
and I told her it would be when
we begin to care again


she looked at me
and asked why I haven’t done anything ?
as one single tear slowly fell
I told her it was because I am scared

well then they’ve won haven’t they ?

she said

she said

she said

I picked her up
held her close, felt the calm, felt the rest
I raised my voice and screamed with all my might…….

I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore


and she smiled.

Imagine the possibilities

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