Stupid Humans

14 Aug
Stupid Humans

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that all humans are quite insane.  Let’s take the latest news tragedy.  There was an 18-year-old man killed by the police in Ferguson, MO.  No matter what the actual facts conclude on this horrific tragedy….. look at how we as human beings have responded.

People are already making money off of this tragedy, or trying to place themselves in a position where they will make money.  Or,,,, news agencies piecing together footage and headlines that are clearly lies.  And when proven that they are lies, on air…… it just gets brushed aside and the commentator moves on with the agenda.  Or,,,,  news agencies putting out the supposed officers name.  Well, I guess if someone murders one of the people whose names were posted….. that would just give the news agencies more to report on.

There is a lot of emphasis placed on the police and the manner in which they arm themselves, and the attire that they wear.  There are comments about them being “military”, and “why do they have _________ ”   But……  those same people who are criticizing the police, their armament, their attire, etc……. would be praising them and calling them heroes if they had just been rescued by the police from a hostage situation, or pulled from an angry mob bent on destruction during a riot.

Stupid Humans

We will demean, spout all kind of hatred, racism, anger, and claim inequality…… up until the point that we “need” that very person, and the very person puts him/her self in harm’s way for the person who was just crucifying them.

Stupid Humans

Why is it that no matter what you do, you are fighting an uphill battle ?  Why do the news agencies manipulate the data to fit an agenda ?  I mean seriously, why are these people not held accountable ?  If they won’t do what is morally correct, and if there are no laws to hold them accountable, what is left ?  Why don’t we,,,, you know the Stupid Humans stand up ?

and nobody is spared this abnormality ?  nobody.  Look around.  Has it always been this way ?  I watch the news, I listen to the people who are in charge….. and for the most part; we are treated as though we really are:  Stupid Humans.

Yes, it is rambling….. tyvm, that’s why it’s called “random” thoughts, and not coherent well thought out speeches.  “click here”

Did anyone actually click there ?  Now that is funny.

But, I digress.


not that anyone on here can tell but, I’ll be back in a bit.

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