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23 Jul

I truly believe that we have become soft. And afraid. (edit… to the point that until this very moment 07/23/2014 11:30am, I couldn’t even type in my true thoughts; so another realization, and another challenge) And managed. We are constantly told what is o.k. to talk about, and what words we are allowed to use when we talk. To the point that we no longer speak. Not relevant conversations anyways. We don’t talk about subjects because we will be called “racists”, or “out of touch”….. But, it isn’t being racist, or out of touch if what we are saying is true. I don’t care what color you are….. if you are an asshole you are still an asshole if you happen to be Asian, or Black, or White, or Hispanic, or Jewish, or Greek, or Gay, or whatever the flavor of the month happens to be. So yes, I admit it….. I am prejudiced. If you are an asshole, and you lie…. then no matter whatever else you happen to be; you are still a liar, and an asshole. Our country used to be a place where you knew who your neighbor was. No, you didn’t just know who your neighbor was, you knew your neighbors. You knew all of your neighbors. But now,,, we put bars on our windows and doors and we lock ourselves in to keep out ………… (to be continued)

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