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Why don’t we do something……



It is actually pretty amazing…. with just the most obscure amount of research; it is quite evident that the government lies. Constantly.

Without remorse.

Without any thought. It’s like it is o.k. Or, it’s just easier to lie.

So I have to ask. If it is this easy to do the research, (and it is) then why do the news organizations not know what is going on ?

Why are we spoken to, and treated like complete imbeciles ?  How can our president and politicians stand in front of us and just tell outright lies ?  It isn’t up to the government to decide whether or not they believe we can handle the truth.

Where is the truth ? …… some of us really aren’t that stupid. Some of us watch. Some of us pay attention to the words. Some of us pay attention to the editing of the videos. Some of us realize that the same video is being shown over and over again. Some of us are tired of it. Some of us get angry but others want to know where the rest of us are that are tired of being angry, tired of blaming the others, tired of the same old, same old. Some of us want to start with a clean slate all around. Now, if I can just find the other people who feel like this………..

I do know that at some point humans are going to have to make some tough choices. I still say that if “we the people” will ban every weapon “above” an assault rifle. That would definitely solve a lot. Immediately. Think of all the possibilities ? What if we could just focus on what is really important: the Human Race. It isn’t a game, it isn’t a fantasy, the profit that comes from it is when we learn to trust and to share……….everything, always, forever.


At some point in time we must stop doing the same thing over and over and expect the result to be different.

Words mean absolutely nothing when the actions don’t back them up.  Are you a sayer or a doer ?

Some have said  “hug a tree”…..  I say:  “hug your neighbor” , because there will come a time when you need a hug yourself.

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Freedom of …….

because-it-mattersSince the dawn of ages, humans have put their thoughts out there.

Cave walls
Carved into stone
Written in the sand
On works of pottery
Social media
In one form or another, it makes no difference
It wasn’t to hold something secret
It was to be for the benefit of everyone

As Humans,

we seem to still have a problem grasping the last part…….


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Silly me…….. what was I thinking ?

It is worth it.......

It is worth it…….

All of us like to believe that it is going to be alright. We get up in the morning, brush our teeth, comb our hair, have that first cup of coffee, and then we sit back and relax….(thought) same shit different day. Kind of funny when you think about it.

Our lives are pretty much managed from birth to beyond. But not yours right. You make the decisions in your life, right ? Please, just keep reading. When someone says addiction to you, what is your first thought ? What is the image that pops into your mind ? Drugs, alcohol, an old wino in the alley, a kid with a needle still sticking out of his arm, those shady characters standing in the shadows smoking….. something ?

There are all sorts of addictions.
Drugs come in many forms.
People stand in line, overnight, for the opening of a store, or to buy the latest ithingie. Here’s something for all of you pompous asses that think you aren’t an addict: Disconnect from Facebook, and Twitter for three days. Don’t log in, don’t look over someone’s shoulder, or over the cubicle wall. No contact. Just for three days. After you have done that, take a look at the rest of us morons who do the very same thing. Take a look at the chaotic, and unbelievable garbage that “they” (whoever “they” ….. are)  cram down our throats 24/7.

And the worst of all…..
We believe it.
And why is that.
I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know that something either has to change….. or we as humans,  are going to go by the wayside.
We either ban war, or embrace war.
You want to stop violence ? Ban everything “above” an assault rifle. Because that is where the problem lies. I haven’t seen anyone shoot down a plane traveling at 35,000 ft. with a handgun, while standing on the ground. How would we even begin such a monumental task you ask ? How about we dismantle all of the manufacturing facilities. It really wouldn’t be that difficult. * <<<< seriously, an asterisk

*except for the fact that there are people/corporations/governments making billions of dollars off of arms sales.


Wait, what are you talking about ? You can’t be suggesting that we outlaw mass destruction ? I mean, look at all of the jobs that would be lost. And how would we defend ourselves ? Nobody in their right mind would go for this. You would have to be insane to want to do something like that.

Well that is certainly one way to look at it. It would definitely be a challenge. You would have to find things that all of these talented people could do. We take our best and brightest and put them to work in finding better ways to destroy our enemy before our enemies best and brightest find a way to destroy us. And we try to do it in the least damaging to the environment. Otherwise, what are we fighting for ? So yes, you would have to find something “con” structive instead of “de” structive for all of these people to do.

Just think.
The best and the brightest.
Think of all the money you would now have for research instead of war. For feeding instead of genocide. For positive instead of negative. But, you are probably right …… only an insane person would want that, and think that you could actually obtain it by peaceful, cooperative means. Silly me, what was I thinking ?

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more thoughts…………

I truly believe that we have become soft. And afraid. (edit… to the point that until this very moment 07/23/2014 11:30am, I couldn’t even type in my true thoughts; so another realization, and another challenge) And managed. We are constantly told what is o.k. to talk about, and what words we are allowed to use when we talk. To the point that we no longer speak. Not relevant conversations anyways. We don’t talk about subjects because we will be called “racists”, or “out of touch”….. But, it isn’t being racist, or out of touch if what we are saying is true. I don’t care what color you are….. if you are an asshole you are still an asshole if you happen to be Asian, or Black, or White, or Hispanic, or Jewish, or Greek, or Gay, or whatever the flavor of the month happens to be. So yes, I admit it….. I am prejudiced. If you are an asshole, and you lie…. then no matter whatever else you happen to be; you are still a liar, and an asshole. Our country used to be a place where you knew who your neighbor was. No, you didn’t just know who your neighbor was, you knew your neighbors. You knew all of your neighbors. But now,,, we put bars on our windows and doors and we lock ourselves in to keep out ………… (to be continued)

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