Rants and Raves………………..

05 Jun

the thing with Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl just doesn’t seem like everything is kosher. The soldier walks off his post. His father is sympathetic with the captors. Tweets just days before the exchange. Doing it on a Saturday.
Not notifying Congress. Not even notifying Pelosi,,, who is the Dem minority leader. And why is Rice on television lying again ? You know the president has violated the constitution, broken laws and knows exactly what he is doing. This is just absurd. There was some official on CrossFire tonight that actually said the Taliban that were released were too old to do anything anymore. I’m pretty sure they weren’t as old as he is. What a crock. If you have a “president” who just violates the laws, and the constitution…… is it still a democratic society…, or do we now have a dictator who does whatever he wants ? And when did it become politicizing to point out lies, violations of the constitution and bad judgement ? Oh yes,,,, when it is against whatever or whomever you are supporting….. right, I get it. If it’s against you, it’s politicizing… If it’s for you it’s pointing out flaws in the other people. How convenient. o.k. so what is the real deal here ?

We have a president who has (apparently) given substantial aid to the enemy. Why would he do that ? Have people decided that we need another major war and forgotten to tell the little people about it ? Have they come to the conclusion that there are too many people and we need to weed out some ? Who is it that actually makes the decisions for America, because it sure seems that it isn’t the people. We have laws now that go against everything that this country was founded on. How is that possible ? I don’t have an answer. Most people wouldn’t even bring something like this up because they are afraid. Fear. We don’t even talk to our neighbors anymore. hell, we don’t even know our neighbor’s names much less anything else about them. Welcome to the machine.

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