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02 Jun

o.k. so we have this “soldier”… Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Who, according to government reports; walked away from his post in Afghanistan, at night, alone, unarmed, and got “captured”. Sounds like we have someone who is AWOL, or more commonly referred to as a deserter.

But wait: we now (illegally) have exchanged five, top Taliban leaders that we have been holding at Gittmo.
I am amazed that at times when they need to be classified as detainees (criminals), that is what they are classified as…. but now; they need to be POW’s because it would be really stupid of our President to release five (5) hardened criminal terrorists, who want to (and have) killed many Americans, some of which are wanted by the UN for war crimes, and some of which have been determined to be a grave threat to the United States if they were to be released.

So, in order to be released what had to happen.
1.) there would have to be something urgent (life-threatening)
2.) Congress can NOT be involved
3.) the spin must be put on Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl to make him into a hero

so what actually happened:
1.) the government gets information that the health of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is deteriorating “rapidly”
2.) Just ignore the law… and let’s do it on Saturday and when we know that Congress is going to be on vacation. Nice timing.
3.) The family gets book deals, their son will be made out to be a hero on some secret mission to infiltrate the Taliban to get information, and now that the government has that information…. (except “we the people” can’t know because of National Security issues) we will be so much more equipped to fight the terrorists.

And do you want to know the worst part. None of the media will question any of this. Nobody will do anything about this.

The administration knows that they can do anything that they want, tell us lies, and we will just say ……. oh, o.k. tyvm may I have another.

This is a huge sham, keep tuned for more information.

and the beat goes on………………………………………

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