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And then it began


And then it began…

One said to Two…. He doesn’t get it.  Two shook his head… he gets it.

He’s starting to see.

But he’s scared.

One turned and walked to the window.

There’s not much time left.

He senses it.  He feels it.

And yet, he won’t even speak what he believes.  He won’t speak what he knows to be true.

and so the day went.  and  the night went and the day went and the night went

and then……….     “he”  spoke

and the conversation began

Just let me win the lottery Lord.      said “he”

but “other” wasn’t having any of that crap today

wtf,,,  God isn’t Santa Claus.  It isn’t what we have it’s what we use what we have for.  What is the internet to you ?  Do you use the internet , or does the internet “use” you ?

So wow,,,, pat yourself on the back…..  after only how many decades…. and,  you finally have  a  light bulb come on.

Let’s have a ticker tape parade shall we ?

or….. how about if you try to catch up with the rest of the people who are waiting on your dumb ass?   What ????   you thought this was the end…. man, you haven’t even begun yet.        “other”  uttered.

And then……. it began.

………………more to come

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